Heidi Sincuba

sincuba3On the artist and her art:

I was born in South Africa, 1987. I like to think of myself as an African surrealist, but there is a lot of activism in my work. I’m a critical idealist. What I produce in my images is my own analysis of my relationship to the world I live in.

My practice is based on taking what already exists and creating a new concoction. Everything I see and have seen is the raw material. In my mischief, my aim is to dishevel or even dethrone the so-called ‘powers that be’. I want to devalue what we have previously thought to be true and question the very notion of truth.

Among my targets are religion; groupthink; racial politics (post-colonial theory); gender relations and popular perception. I use relational aesthetics, politics, anthropology, psychology and history to demonstrate my ideas.

The outcome is lined with the theme of cultural identity in relation to sexuality, collective (vs. individual) memory and stereotypes. I’m interested in how these factors influence modes of creativity within art practice. Drawing influence from personal experience and popular imagery, the work I make is confrontational and sometimes grotesque.

Essentially, I survey the mutability of cultures. Our behaviours are merely an extension of our culture. I think of the world as a machine that never rests, constantly churning out quirks, miracles and disasters. To me that is the only reality. Everything else is a distraction, like make-up concealing a blemish.