Jon Eiselin

On the artist and his paintings

eiselinJon Eiselin, a South African artist currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, moved from a figurative to a non-figurative style of painting after his last visit home.

What triggered his change in style was the result of a number of experiences and influences during his stay. He spent most of his time on Durban’s South Coast where he was inspired by the general liveliness of the people, the abundance of colour, heat, bright sunlight and water in all its various forms. The energy of the oceanic waves, the currents and meandering rivers, the reflecting puddles, the saline harbour and the scattering of the vivid blues of refreshing swimming pools in the urban areas definitely played a part in this.

Eiselin had already decided it was time to change his theme to ‘Water’. As the opportunity to act on this decision had presented itself during his stay, he started doing sketches for a first series of water related paintings. Back in his studio, Eiselin works on bringing together and synthesising the many impressions that have influenced him whilst in South Africa. In his recent paintings, they are now being expressed in playful curvilinear compositions that, like water, appear to drift, float, flow and glide over his canvases. Unlike his figurative paintings, these new compositions seem to spread beyond the limits of the canvas, as if one sees only a part of a much larger image. Eiselin therefore refers to these fluid images, which do not have a particular focal point, as being “borderless and open-ended”.

The titles to his paintings refer directly to his observations. When available, he prefers painting with oils on rough, large sized canvases. Regardless of what or how he paints, Eiselin’s touch and signature style will remain recognizable, always rendering his paintings a delight to the eye.