Agnieszka Kazimierczuk

agnieszkaI am working on my PhD at the African Studies Centre in Leiden. I have a BA in Economics from Warsaw University, Poland, and an MA in International Development from the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS) at the University of Amsterdam. As a member of the Participatory Assessment of Development (PADEV) project team, I have been involved in developing a new holistic and participatory methodology to evaluate development interventions.

My fieldwork in Ghana (2008 and 2010) resulted in a participatory poverty assessment and a solid evaluation of development projects conducted among socially excluded groups of people, namely the poor and children. See the report
In my PhD, I want to research how NGOs target their development interventions, with a focus on (often) excluded groups of society: the poor, the very poor and children in West Africa. In the meantime, I am also working as a consultant for the European Network of NGOs in Afghanistan (ENNA) on a part-time basis.

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