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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS WORKSHOP at UTRECHT UNIVERSITY: ‘Migration and mobilities in an urbanising world’

The ‘Migration and mobilities in an urbanising world’ Workshop will take place on 16-17 June 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The workshop is organised by Utrecht University (Department of Human Geography and Planning) and the Transnational Mobility-Development Network.

For more information, please see: CFP TransMob workshop 2016 revised

Nieuw rapport onethische geneesmiddelentests in Zuid-Afrika, Kenia en Zimbabwe

In de vierde editie van het rapport ‘Dirty Profits’ van de Duitse organisatie Facing Finance schrijft Annelies den Boer van Wemos over onethische geneesmiddelentests door farmaceutische bedrijven in Zuid-Afrika, Kenia en Zimbabwe.

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Call for conference panel The Nordic Africa Days: gender and change – global challenges for Africa?

The Nordic Africa Days (NAD) is the biennial international conference of the Nordic Africa Institute and it has been organized since 1999 in the Nordic countries. NAD invites panel organizers/researchers working on Africa-related knowledge production and representing the state of the art on African studies.

The Nordic Africa Days 2016 has a thematic focus on gender relations in contemporary Africa. Gender has been central in the Nordic cooperation with Africa, and will continue to be a major focus also in the global development agenda, as recently indicated in the Sustainable Development Goals. NAD 2016 wishes to establish a platform to discuss gender in contemporary Africa, building on existing research and opening new perspectives on the transformative processes lived in the continent. We encourage discussion on both structural elements shaping gender relations (state legislations, markets and economic processes, global religions) and local dynamics of re-appropriation, agency and identity creation. Theoretical and methodological research on gender with relevant reference to Africa is also welcome. The conference aims to be a venue for highlighting emerging issues and setting new agendas for research and policy. Continue reading

Schoffeleers Scholarship for Students Social and Cultural Anthropology

Schermafbeelding 2016-01-14 om 18.03.17The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology is proud to announce the installment of the Matthew Schoffeleers Scholarships for students Social and Cultural Anthropology. It concerns two grants, one for bachelor students of VU-University and one for international students.

Matthew Schoffeleers was a professor of anthropology. His main contributions lie in the ethnographical study of the Manganja in Malawi and in the anthropology of religion. 

See: Schoffeleers Scholarship final

Call for Pre-Proposals: Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

This is a call for pre-proposals, which might especially be of interest to young African posSylvanus Spencer, Freetown, Sierra Leonetdoctoral researchers. The call is launched within the framework of the Volkswagen Foundation’s initiative “Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa”.


The funding initiative is open to all disciplines and aims at the development and sustainable reinforcement of research in Sub-Saharan Africa. Research projects, developed and carried out by African scholars and scientists in close cooperation with their German partners, shall provide junior researchers in Africa with an opportunity to enhance their skills and academic qualifications. Special emphasis is put on the development, reinforcement, and extension of academic networks inside Africa beyond existing language barriers.

Deadline: the 6th of April, 2016

See: (English version).


cameraIn order to make more visually attractive, and to expose the unseen work of its members, we hope to create a stockpile of all your fieldwork photo’s and expose them online. If you have pictures you would like to share on our site, please send them to, named with your name and an indication of the place, date and topic covered in the picture.

Note that does not have the means to actively protect your copyrights – if you want to prevent unrestricted use, you are advised to take your own precautions.

Betty Bigombé roept vrouwen op mee te onderhandelen

In een recent interview met OneWorld pleit Ugandees LRA-onderhandelaar Betty Bigombé voor vrouwelijke inbreng bij vredesbemiddeling. Bigombé was in Den Haag voor het Clingendael programma African Women Mediators, dat deze maand vrouwelijke Afrikaanse diplomaten trainde als vredesbemiddelaars.

NVAS Africa and Technology day, report by Iva Pesa

On Saturday 17 October the NVAS Africa and Technology day was held at UNESCO-IHE in Delft. More than 100 participants attended this highly informative, but pleasantly informal, day full of various presentations on the meaning and use of technology in Africa and exhibitions of technological objects used in Africa.

report by Iva Pesa

POSTER Africa and technology 2015The first keynote speech was given by Jeroen van der Sommen, from AKVO,
a not-for-profit foundation that creates open source, internet and mobile software and sensors. He offered a good introduction to what the opportunities of ICTs in Africa are – detailing about how one can monitor water levels in boreholes in Liberia by using a mobile phone, and how this information can subsequently be shared through open source software to generate information databases which can make development planning more efficient and effective. After that, there were four parallel sessions on various topics, by Katrien Pype on technology cultures in urban DR Congo; by Sjaak van der Geest on medical anthropology; by Roos Keja on mobile phones and civic participation in Togo; and by Tessa Pijnaker on game developers in Ghana.

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Geruzie over het water in de Nijl

in samenwerking met onze partner

Nijl damSinds 2011 is Ethiopië stroomopwaarts bezig met het bouwen van een grote dam in de Nijl. Egypte is bang dat dit prestigeproject de watervoorziening, en dus het voortbestaan van het land, in gevaar brengt. 

Dat The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam een zeer politiek complex en controversieel project blijft, bleek medio september, toen Deltares bekend maakte dat het zich terugtrok uit de impactstudie. Volgens een woordvoerder van Deltares zijn er onvoldoende garanties om een kwalitatief goed en onafhankelijk onderzoek uit te kunnen voeren.

ASC interview met promovenda Margot Leegwater over landconflicten in Rwanda

margot leegwaterOp 16 September 2015 promoveerde NVAS-lid Margot Leegwater aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Op 11 september 2015 interviewde het Afrika-Studiecentrum Margot over haar onderzoek naar landconflicten in Rwanda. De titel van haar proefschrift is ‘Sharing Scarcity: Land Access and Social Relations in Southeast Rwanda.’ Klik om het video interview met Margot te zien op de onderstaande link  ‘Continue reading’,

Bron tekst en video:, Bron foto (source photo):

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