Interdisciplinary Conference: African Children in Focus

kinderenAfrican Children in Focus: A Paradigm Shift in Methodology and Theory?

18 & 19 September 2008, Leiden, Netherlands

From the late 1990’s onwards, the research of children and childhoods has gradually become a topic of study in the social sciences. Children have increasingly come into the limelight as culture makers and not just as extensions to the study of adults. At the same time, African children have remained in the margins of such studies despite the fact that over forty percent of Africans are under the age of fifteen. African children are commonly depicted as victims of war, poverty and illness. This conference aims to provide a platform for qualitative studies on African children, paying attention to children’s own perspectives, agencies and interdependencies. The conference query centralises around methodological approaches and theories and wishes to initiate discussions on the following questions:

    1. What (interdisciplinary) methodological approaches are best suited to research with children?
    2. What theoretical innovations and perspectives emerge from the study of children?

The conference is organised by the Netherlands African Studies Association. A selection of papers will be published. The conference language is English.

Currently a book is drafted, based on a selection of papers that were presented at the conference. This book is expected to be published in the course of next year.

De bibliotheek van het Afrika-Studiecentrum heeft een webdossier samengesteld over kinderen in Africa. Het dossier bevat titels uit de online-catalogus, zowel boektitels als titels van tijdschriftartikelen, hoofdstukken uit verzamelbundels en video’s, die de afgelopen vijf jaar zijn gepubliceerd.

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