Jasper Grosskurth: Futures of technology in Africa (2010)

Futures_Technology‘Futures of Technology in Africa’ is based on a foresight project initiated by the STT Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends. Technology will affect almost every aspect of life in Africa, including basic needs, agriculture, health, education, culture, business and governance. But what will the future bring? To answer this question, we have travelled to Africa’s technology hotspots, interviewed pioneers, journalists, entrepreneurs, academics and government representatives, held workshops on the future, screened publications and built an extensive network of partners. ‘Futures of Technology in Africa’ reveals insights into the next two decades of ICT, energy and infrastructure. It contains scenarios providing a glimpse of how the opportunities and risks might play out. You will find advice on how businesses can take parts in the opportunities, as well as lessons that the West can learn from Africa. As a bonus, the book also contains one of the very few African science fiction stories, specially written for this publication.

The book is available at www.stt.nl as hard copy and pdf download.