Maurice Hutton

huttonIn August 2013, I completed a Research Masters degree at the African Studies Centre, Leiden. My master thesis combines political science, anthropology and philosophy, in the analysis of discourses about political leadership in Malawi’s democratic public sphere. It brings into focus the discursive processes that gradually reshape cultural notions of desirable leadership, legitimacy and power – heavily influenced by urban cultural elites. This research involved 4,5 months of fieldwork in Zomba, Blantyre and Lilongwe, conducting interviews and gathering a vast quantity of texts from newspapers and other public forums.

I’m searching for work or internships related to qualitative research, journalism or development in Africa, to fill the next year before beginning a PhD (unless other fruitful career opportunities arise in that time). My countries of focus in the foreseeable future are likely to be Malawi and/or Zimbabwe (where I grew up). I look forward to meeting interesting people of the NVAS network!

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