NVAS Conferentiebundel: Africa for Sale ?

africa for sale
In maart j.l. verscheen er in The Journal of African History (vol. 56, 1, 2015, pp.175-176) een lovende kritiek over de NVAS conferentiebundel Africa For Sale?: Positioning the State, Land and Society in Foreign Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa red. Sandra J.T.M. Evers, Caroline Seagle en Froukje Krijtenburg (Leiden: Brill 2013). Hieruit twee citaten:

“This book critically analyses the role of the state in FLAs, which is a welcome and much needed focus in the debate about ‘land grabbing’.”

“After an excellent introductory chapter that highlights the main issues in the debate about land grabbing, there are three overview chapters before the more specific case studies.”

De NVAS conferentiebundel Not Just a Victim: The Child as Catalyst and Witness in Contemporary Africa red. Sandra Evers, Catrien Notermans, & Erik Van Ommering (Leiden: Brill 2011) is nu online beschikbaar http://hdl.handle.net/1887/31974