• Welkom bij de NVAS

    De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrikastudies (NVAS) is een nationaal netwerk van en voor Afrika-deskundigen en liefhebbers in Nederland. De NVAS wil de publieke belangstelling voor Afrika-onderzoek in Nederland bevorderen en actuele informatie aanbieden. 

    Onderhoud aan NVAS website

    De NVAS website ondergaat de komende tijd het nodige onderhoud. Het kan daarom gebeuren dat de website, of sommige links en pagina’s op de website, (tijdelijk) niet meer bereikbaar zijn. Wij rekenen op uw begrip.

  • International Conference: Education for Life in Africa – May 19-20, 2017

    Education is thPosterEfL2017e most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

    Conference Programme 19-20 May 2017 (preliminary) (PDF)

    Information about fees & register for the conference here!

    For more information please mail to educationforlifeafrica@FSW.leidenuniv.nl

    Dates: 19 &  20 May 2017 [when NVAS celebrates its 20th anniversary]
    Venue: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague (5 minutes walking from train station Den Haag HS)
    Organizing committee: Anneke Breedveld (NVAS), Jos Walenkamp (HHS), Jan Jansen (NVAS), Beer Schröder (NUFFIC)
    Partners: NVAS, HHS, NUFFIC
    Language: English (French and Dutch on demand)
    Outcomes: 1. Reviewed book with selected contributions on the theme of the conference; 2. Communiqué on the conference for policy makers, practitioners and consumers of education in Africa.
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  • Afscheid Froukje en introductie nieuwe bestuursleden

    Afscheid Froukje Krijtenburg

    Toen ik negen jaar geleden de positie van secretaris van de NVAS op me nam, was dat voor een periode van drie jaar dacht ik. Op dat moment had ik geen idee dat ik ooit het langst zittende NVAS bestuurslid zou worden, en ook niet dat ik het zo lang zo leuk zou vinden om secretaris te zijn. Nu is het tijd om een stapje terug te doen. Met veel vertrouwen en plezier geef ik mijn plaatsje door aan Tanja Hendriks, die in de afgelopen periode al bewezen heeft met energie en enthousiasme haar taak in te vullen. Terugkijkend op negen jaar NVAS bestuur, valt me op dat de NVAS met veel creativiteit en veerkracht de nodige uitdagingen is aangegaan. Continue reading →

  • Programme Education for life in Africa available!

    After long deliberation, the programme for 19 and 20 May is finally out. Look at the  programme here. The programme is provisional but we only expect minor changes.

    Thanks to Dutch and international interest, the programme is promising to be very interesting. Do not forget to register for the conference at this NVAS website post here where you will find the registration form and information abount payments. Your registration is valid after payment as indicated.

    Please, also distribute the programme among people that you know of that might be interested. Register quick, there is a maximum of 120 participants.

  • Provisional programme 19-20 May 2017

    Register for the conference here.

    Preliminary programme Friday 19 May 2017





    Registration + Tea and coffee



    Welcome:  Susana Menéndez (HHS/THUAS)

    Introduction to the conference theme: Jos Walenkamp


    Plenary keynote: The challenges of achieving quality in engineering education in Africa 

    Goolam Mohamedbhai Chair: Beer Schröder


    Morning tea + Information market


    Panel: Gender and education in East Africa

    Chair: Linda Johnson

    Panel: Higher education and enrolment issues

    Chair: Beer Schröder


    Gendering learning: Reflections from teaching, research and practice

    Wendy Harcourt

    Towards an African space for higher education: from Utopia to reality

    George Haddad


    What is a gender lens: a skit

    Mdubusi Zingelwayo

    Massification of higher education in Africa

    Akiiki Babyesiza


    Drivers for gendered exclusion in education in East Africa

    Auma Okwany

    Participatory assessment of the development of the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

    Nilza César


    Being a girl and in Uganda and Kenya: educational outcomes

    Elizabeth Ngutuku

    What do enrolment data say about education, using Bourdieu’s approach?

    Bert van Pinxteren


    Lunch + Information market


    Panel: Indigenous and informal education

    Chair: Felix Ameka

    Panel: Education and sustainable city movements in Africa

    Chair: Ton Dietz


    Culture of work, training for and production of clan-bond goods and services in Southwestern Nigeria: The non-formal and informal learning approaches

    Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi

    How to integrate sustainable city goals in teaching in Africa and about Africa?

    Ton Dietz


    “Our yesterday our legacy”: Rethinking indigenous adult and community learning for quality education in contemporary African society

    Akande, Joshua Olusola

    “Each One Teach One”: Collaborative learning, an anthropological approach

    Madi Ditmars


    Conceptualization of education in Ngemba (Cameroon)

    Solange Mekamgoum

    Between bare necessity and transformative power: The value of informal schools in Kibera, Kenya

    Inge Mackenbrock


    Tea break + Information market


    Forum: Matchmaking between African and European Education

    (DAAD, NORAD, VLIR-UOS, Nuffic) Chair: Theo Hooghiemstra, Director Nuffic




    Preliminary programme Saturday 20 May 2017





    Late registration + Information market +Tea and coffee


    Panel: Actors and engagement in educational contexts

    Chair: Jan Jansen

    Panel: Education and employability

    Chair: Jos Walenkamp


    “Education for life” or “Education today”?

    Sara Kinsbergen & Lau Schulpen

    The role of higher technical education on the employability of graduates in Ghana

    Edmund Ameko


    A maternity clinic in Mali: a zone of awkward engagement

    Lianne Holten

    Vocational training and employment opportunities for West African


    Mariama Mary Fall


    Catering and credit: Investment practices on the countryside of Mali

    Jan Jansen

    “Trained for which job exactly?” Assessing the impact of access to informal ICT education on employment opportunities for marginalized youth in Nairobi, Kenya.

    Jalmar Pfeifer


    Lunch + Information market

    12:30-13:00 General meeting (ALV) NVAS


    Plenary keynote: Language of instruction in Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa: an overview

    Ingse Skattum Chair: Anneke Breedveld


    Tea break + Information market


    Panel: Literacy

    Chair: Maarten Mous

    Panel: Policies, teacher training and teacher quality

    Chair: Azeb Amha


    Literacy teaching in Northern Nigeria: policies, practice and resources

    Mary Anderson

    A quality teacher for all; Best practices for supporting teachers in Mali through innovative tools

    Céline Herbiet


    Language-independent literacies for inclusive education in multilingual areas

    Friederike Lüpke

    Teachers are like thieves’: state making and the unintended consequences of free primary education in Hargeisa, Somaliland

    Tobias Gandrup


    Literacy and development in Senegal

    Ekaterina Golovko

    Teacher education and early grade reading instruction in mother tongue languages in Ethiopia: the case of colleges of teachers’ education

    Moges Yigezu


    Innovations in islamic education in The Gambia: Reconciling religious aspirations and the requirements of a contemporary state

    Tal Tamari

    Inconsistent language policies in Ghana and their implications for quality education in Ghana

    Samuel A. Atintono & Avea E. Nsoh



    Closing conference




  • Highlights from the NVAS Africa day ‘Sport in Africa’ 15 October 2016

    This year NVAS held its Africa day in partnership with the School of Governance at Utrecht University (research area Sport & Society). The organisers were NVAS members Kirsten Langeveld, David Drengk and Froukje Krijtenburg with Frank van Eekeren of the UU School of Governance. In the audience were several professional athletes from Africa, other interested individuals from Africa, students interested in Africa from up North (Groningen), Africanists from various parts of the Netherlands, and many others with a passion for Africa. Continue reading →

  • Photo Impression of the Sport in Africa Day

    Did you join us at the Sport in Africa Day or are you curious what it was like? Check the photo gallery on the next page to share (again) the experience of a scientifically stimulating, entertaining and fun day.

  • Webdossier Sport in Africa

    On the occasion of the NVAS Sport in Africa Day, the African Studies Centre Leiden has compiled a web dossier of the literature and documentaries in its library . Check out here a fascinating collection of articles, books and films!

  • Sport op Afrikaanse Postzegels

     Op het Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden is ter gelegenheid van de Sport in Afrikadag op 15 oktober 2016 een kleine tentoonstelling te zien van ‘Sport op postzegels van Afrika’. De tentoonstelling is samengesteld uit de persoonlijke collectie van Ton Dietz, directeur van het Afrika-Studiecentrum.

    Daarnaast geeft Ton Dietz speciaal voor deze Afrikadag een interessant en onderhoudend historisch overzichtje van Afrikaanse sportpostzegels geïllustreerd met bijzondere voorbeelden. Lees het hier.

    Mozambique 1982 World Cup in Spain 1.5mt



  • Registration NVAS Sport in Africa day now open!

    Africa DayNVAS AFRICA DAY 2016 – Sport in Africa

    When: NVAS Africa Day 15 October 2016, 10.00am – 6.00pm

    Where: Utrecht University School of Governance, Bijlhouwerstraat 6, Utrecht

    PROGRAMME download the programme here.

    Registration: To register please send an e-mail with a filled-out registration form (inschrijvingsformulier) to winden@ascleiden.nl (please click on the underlined link). The registration fees are €15 for students, NVAS members and ABv members, €25 for non-members. Fees are payable before October 10th (extended registration date). Registration includes a varied and interactive programme, lunch, lively discussions, drinks and snacks.

    Travel directions: click here

    About the Sport in Africa day Sport is used increasingly as an instrument for positive social change in Africa. But what exactly is it that sports (can) do and to what degree, and how can they effect change? Are some sports more likely to be effective means for socio-economic advancement? And if so, why is that? These and other questions will be addressed during the 2016 NVAS Africa Day. Organisers are Frank van Eekeren (Utrecht University School of Governance, research focus area Sport & Society); Kirsten Langeveld (NVAS), David Drengk (NVAS) and Froukje Krijtenburg (NVAS)

  • Fotowedstrijd Antropologie, Universiteit Leiden

    Winnende foto antropologie fotowedstrijd 2016, LeidenBachelor student Vera de Regt heeft de Antropologie fotowedstrijd gewonnen 2016. De foto van voetballende schoolkinderen werd genomen in Tanzania. De jury prees de foto om het optimisme dat zij uitstraalt en de empowerment van vrouwen. De tweede en derde plaats waren voor Jule Forth en Faye Han.
    Fotowedstrijd 2016

  • PhD Defence: Monument of Nature? Marlous van den Akker

    Universiteit LeidenDate: 25 May, 2016
    Time: 16:00 – 17:00

    Promotor: Prof. Peter Pels

    Summary: In her dissertation ‘Monument of Nature. An Ethnography of the World Heritage of Mt. Kenya’ Marlous van den Akker examines the World Heritage status of Mt. Kenya, an alpine area located in Central Kenya.  In 1997 Mt. Kenya joined the World Heritage List for its extraordinary ecological and geological features. Nearly 15 years later Mt. Kenya World Heritage Site expanded and came to include a nearby wildlife conservancy.
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  • The Hague African Festival 2016

    The Hague Africa Festival

    Op 10 juli is weer het The Hague African Festival op het Spuiplein met muziek van diverse bands uit Senegal, Mali, Somalië, Kaapverdië en Zimbabwe. Dit jaar is er ook een podium voor talent uit Den Haag zelf.
    In de weken rondom het festival zijn er veel Afrika gerelateerde activiteiten gepland. The Hague African Festival begint als vanouds met een groots openingsconcert. Op 4 juni is er in het Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen een bijzonder concert van de Kaapverdiaanse Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal in samenwerking met het Residentie Orkest. Het filmhuis zal Afrikaanse films tonen en in het Atrium zal een tentoonstelling zijn van Afrikaanse schilderkunst. In de tuin van de Nieuwe Kerk wordt een kinderdorp opgezet.

    Voor meer informatie en het volledige programma zie de festivalwebsite.

  • CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: LOVA’s School of Experimental Education 2016


    LOVA’s School of Experimental Education 2016

    ‘War, violence, militarism and reconciliation’ Ethnographies in Queer, Gender & Feminist Anthropology 11 –15 July 2016

    Keep in touch with new perspectives in feminist anthropology and related fields. Enjoy a week of learning-by-doing with a small group of international students and get to know the city of Amsterdam

    Read the full information brochure on our website: www.lovanetwork.nl

    Venue: Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Certificate: Highest academic standards are guaranteed, classes are taught by qualified university staff, in- and outside of the University. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of the week to those who attend all lectures and workshops.

    Requirements: Academic degree & proficiency in academic English.

    Method of Application: We would love to receive a short letter (max. 1/2 page) stating your motivation to participate.

    For detailed information: à lova.summerschool@lovanetwerk.nl

    Tuition LOVA SEE 2016: two scholarships for 250,- Euro / LOVA members 315,- Euro / non funded students 355,- Euro and funded students 495,- Euro The tuition fee of the LOVA ISS includes: All lectures and all workshops Course material – All excursions mentioned in the program Extra-curricular classes on location Lunches (5 days) & Coffee, tea, refreshments (5 days)

    Awaiting your application!

    Directors: Reinhilde Sotiria König, Nathalie Roos & Carola Lammers (+31 (0) 6 2883 0107)

    LOVA Netherlands Association for Gender Studies and Feminist Anthropology www.lovanetwerk.nl

  • Call for contributions: a transcontinental career: Essays in Honour of Wim van Binsbergen

    leopard_SMALProfessor Wim van Binsbergen is Honorary Fellow at the African Studies Centre in Leiden and emeritus Professor of the Foundations of Intercultural Philosophy at the Philosophy Faculty of the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

    Proposed contributions to the Festschrift  for Professor Wim van Binsbergen may be in English or French. Prospective contributors are hereby invited to submit the title and abstract of their proposed contribution by April 30th 2016. 

    What kind of a Festschrift do we have in mind? We aim in the first place at a scholarly volume, which critically assesses the contributions of our author in the several disciplinary fields in which he has been active, and that constructively sets out argued trajectories for future reflection and research. 

    For the full description of the call, please see: Call for Contributions.

    For a biographical and bibliographical introduction to Wim Van Binsbergen’s academic life and oeuvre, please see: http://quest-journal.net/shikanda/index.htm.

  • Vacancy: One World Youth Ambassador

    Word ONE Jeugdambassadeur in een sleuteljaar 2016 wordt het jaar waarin wereldleiders het Global Goals-tijdperk inwijden. Met veel bravoure, vol belangrijke vergaderingen rond voeding en globale gezondheid. ONE wil dit jaar – naast ons andere lobbywerk om de hulpbeloftes waar te maken – een zo groot mogelijke stempel drukken op deze meetings.

    Om onze invloed te versterken zijn we op zoek naar enthousiaste Jeugdambassadeurs. See: https://www.oneworld.nl/werken/vacatures/one-zoekt-jeugdambassadeurs

  • Call for papers: Third Colloquium on the African language, 28 oktober 2016

    Tijdens dit internationale congres, georganiseerd door het Gents Centrum voor het Afrikaans en de Studie van Zuid-Afrika, zullen twee uiteenlopende onderzoekslijnen uitgewerkt worden, zoals uiteengezet in de samenvattingen hieronder. De twee lijnen zullen parallel behandeld worden tijdens het colloquium en ze verwijzen beide naar innovatief navorsingswerk waarmee men onder andere aan de Universiteit Gent druk bezig is.

    Deelnemers worden uitgenodigd abstracts (in Afrikaans of Nederlands) van maximum 300 woorden in te dienen voor 1 juni 2016 (afrikaans@ugent.be). Gelieve daarbij aan te geven of uw abstract aansluit bij het letterkundige of taalkundige deel.

    Als keynote sprekers zijn Prof. dr. Theo du Plessis (Universiteit van die Vrystaat) en Prof. dr. Wannie Carstens (Noordwes Universiteit) uitgenodigd voor de taalkunde. Prof. dr. Andries Visagie en Prof. dr. Alfred Schaffer, allebei verbonden aan de Universiteit Stellenbosch, zijn de centrale sprekers voor het gedeelte letterkunde. Continue reading →

  • Call for applications: Annual Africa Summit – Africa within a Global Context

    On the 22nd and 23rd of April 2016 the London School of Economics and Political Science will organise its third annual Africa Summit. This year’s summit brings together leading policy-makers, researchers, business leaders and practitioners around the theme of “Africa within a global context”.

     The research conference held on 22 April 2016, themed “Challenging Conventions”, will feature expert panel discussions on law and illicit financial flows, the politics of knowledge, and the importance of social media as a space for agency. In the afternoon, a breakout session based on research papers will be held around three themes: China in Africa, the ‘global’ land grab and global responses to gendered realities. Continue reading →

  • Open voor de wereld: cultureel festival in Leiden

    Ga op ontdekkingsreis langs Afrika, Azië, Europa of Latijns-Amerika. Op deze zondag staat Leiden in het teken van culturen die de stad verrijken. Met veel muziek, dans en bijzondere gesprekken met o.a. schrijver Kader Abdolah, Lulu Wang, zangeres Ntjam Rosie en cabaretier Omar Ahaddaf.


  • SID Discussion: Understanding the Other: Religion as Dialogue

    Religion is nowadays often portrayed as the cause of tension and conflict. However, religion can also be seeFlickr-lostintheredwoodsn as an adequate way to deal with polarization and disagreements. As part of the monthly debate series on ‘Understanding the Other’, this session will explore the role of religion as dialogue. What type of experiences are we referring to? Under which conditions can religion serve as a tool for dialogue? Three introductory speakers will highlight their experiences with religion as dialogue from various backgrounds and contexts. The objective is to trigger an interactive discussion, opening up avenues for dialogue and understanding.

    Date: 15 March 2016
    Time: 16:00 – 17:30 (door open at 15:30)
    Location: ISS, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague
    Admission: €7.50 (includes a drink) – free for students and SID members

    For more information and to register for the discussion, see: http://sidnl.org/religion-as-dialogue/

    SID Netherlands is a platform where people can meet and share their commitment to successful international cooperation and development. Civil society, NGOs, students, academics, private partners, government officials, politicians, media and interested citizens are all welcome to join the discussion and shape our global future.

  • Film seminar African Studies Centre Leiden ‘They Will Have To Kill Us First’ (Mali) and interview with Fadimata ‘Disco’ Walet Oumar

    This film is part of the Movies that Matter festival 18-26 March in The Hague. Apart from The Hague, the film will be shown in Leiden at the African Studies Centre. Fadimata ‘Disco’ Walet Oumar, one of the main characters, has been invited to the Netherlands by the festival organization and will be present at the screenings both in The Hague and in Leiden. After the film screening in Leiden she will be interviewed by Henrike Florusbosch (Department of Cultural Anthropology, Leiden University), followed by a discussion.

    See: http://www.ascleiden.nl/news/film-seminar


  • CALL FOR ABSTRACTS WORKSHOP at UTRECHT UNIVERSITY: ‘Migration and mobilities in an urbanising world’

    The ‘Migration and mobilities in an urbanising world’ Workshop will take place on 16-17 June 2016 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The workshop is organised by Utrecht University (Department of Human Geography and Planning) and the Transnational Mobility-Development Network.

    For more information, please see: CFP TransMob workshop 2016 revised

  • Nieuw rapport onethische geneesmiddelentests in Zuid-Afrika, Kenia en Zimbabwe

    In de vierde editie van het rapport ‘Dirty Profits’ van de Duitse organisatie Facing Finance schrijft Annelies den Boer van Wemos over onethische geneesmiddelentests door farmaceutische bedrijven in Zuid-Afrika, Kenia en Zimbabwe.

    Lees het op http://www.wemos.nl/files/


  • Call for conference panel The Nordic Africa Days: gender and change – global challenges for Africa?

    The Nordic Africa Days (NAD) is the biennial international conference of the Nordic Africa Institute and it has been organized since 1999 in the Nordic countries. NAD invites panel organizers/researchers working on Africa-related knowledge production and representing the state of the art on African studies.

    The Nordic Africa Days 2016 has a thematic focus on gender relations in contemporary Africa. Gender has been central in the Nordic cooperation with Africa, and will continue to be a major focus also in the global development agenda, as recently indicated in the Sustainable Development Goals. NAD 2016 wishes to establish a platform to discuss gender in contemporary Africa, building on existing research and opening new perspectives on the transformative processes lived in the continent. We encourage discussion on both structural elements shaping gender relations (state legislations, markets and economic processes, global religions) and local dynamics of re-appropriation, agency and identity creation. Theoretical and methodological research on gender with relevant reference to Africa is also welcome. The conference aims to be a venue for highlighting emerging issues and setting new agendas for research and policy. Continue reading →

  • Schoffeleers Scholarship for Students Social and Cultural Anthropology

    Schermafbeelding 2016-01-14 om 18.03.17The Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology is proud to announce the installment of the Matthew Schoffeleers Scholarships for students Social and Cultural Anthropology. It concerns two grants, one for bachelor students of VU-University and one for international students.

    Matthew Schoffeleers was a professor of anthropology. His main contributions lie in the ethnographical study of the Manganja in Malawi and in the anthropology of religion. 

    See: Schoffeleers Scholarship final

  • Call for Pre-Proposals: Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

    This is a call for pre-proposals, which might especially be of interest to young African posSylvanus Spencer, Freetown, Sierra Leonetdoctoral researchers. The call is launched within the framework of the Volkswagen Foundation’s initiative “Knowledge for Tomorrow – Cooperative Research Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa”.


    The funding initiative is open to all disciplines and aims at the development and sustainable reinforcement of research in Sub-Saharan Africa. Research projects, developed and carried out by African scholars and scientists in close cooperation with their German partners, shall provide junior researchers in Africa with an opportunity to enhance their skills and academic qualifications. Special emphasis is put on the development, reinforcement, and extension of academic networks inside Africa beyond existing language barriers.

    Deadline: the 6th of April, 2016

    See: https://www.volkswagenstiftung.de/en/funding (English version).

  • Newly published: ‘Sensational Movies Video, Vision, and Christianity in Ghana’ by Birgit Meyer

    Tracing the rise and development of the Ghanaian video film industry between 1985 and 2010, Senssensational movies meyerational Movies examines video movies as seismographic devices recording a culture and society in turmoil. This book captures the dynamic process of popular filmmaking in Ghana as a new medium for the imagination and tracks the interlacing of the medium’s technological, economic, social, cultural, and religious aspects. Stepping into the void left by the defunct state film industry, video movies negotiate the imaginaries deployed by state cinema on the one hand and Christianity on the other.

    Continue reading →


    cameraIn order to make afrikastudies.nl more visually attractive, and to expose the unseen work of its members, we hope to create a stockpile of all your fieldwork photo’s and expose them online. If you have pictures you would like to share on our site, please send them to afrikastudiesnl@gmail.com, named with your name and an indication of the place, date and topic covered in the picture.

    Note that afrikastudies.nl does not have the means to actively protect your copyrights – if you want to prevent unrestricted use, you are advised to take your own precautions.

  • Betty Bigombé roept vrouwen op mee te onderhandelen

    In een recent interview met OneWorld pleit Ugandees LRA-onderhandelaar Betty Bigombé voor vrouwelijke inbreng bij vredesbemiddeling. Bigombé was in Den Haag voor het Clingendael programma African Women Mediators, dat deze maand vrouwelijke Afrikaanse diplomaten trainde als vredesbemiddelaars.

  • NVAS Africa and Technology day, report by Iva Pesa
    On Saturday 17 October the NVAS Africa and Technology day was held at UNESCO-IHE in Delft. More than 100 participants attended this highly informative, but pleasantly informal, day full of various presentations on the meaning and use of technology in Africa and exhibitions of technological objects used in Africa.

    report by Iva Pesa

    POSTER Africa and technology 2015The first keynote speech was given by Jeroen van der Sommen, from AKVO,
    a not-for-profit foundation that creates open source, internet and mobile software and sensors. He offered a good introduction to what the opportunities of ICTs in Africa are – detailing about how one can monitor water levels in boreholes in Liberia by using a mobile phone, and how this information can subsequently be shared through open source software to generate information databases which can make development planning more efficient and effective. After that, there were four parallel sessions on various topics, by Katrien Pype on technology cultures in urban DR Congo; by Sjaak van der Geest on medical anthropology; by Roos Keja on mobile phones and civic participation in Togo; and by Tessa Pijnaker on game developers in Ghana.

    Continue reading →

  • Geruzie over het water in de Nijl

    in samenwerking met onze partner Kennislink.nl

    Nijl damSinds 2011 is Ethiopië stroomopwaarts bezig met het bouwen van een grote dam in de Nijl. Egypte is bang dat dit prestigeproject de watervoorziening, en dus het voortbestaan van het land, in gevaar brengt. 

    Dat The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam een zeer politiek complex en controversieel project blijft, bleek medio september, toen Deltares bekend maakte dat het zich terugtrok uit de impactstudie. Volgens een woordvoerder van Deltares zijn er onvoldoende garanties om een kwalitatief goed en onafhankelijk onderzoek uit te kunnen voeren.


  • ASC interview met promovenda Margot Leegwater over landconflicten in Rwanda

    margot leegwaterOp 16 September 2015 promoveerde NVAS-lid Margot Leegwater aan de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Op 11 september 2015 interviewde het Afrika-Studiecentrum Margot over haar onderzoek naar landconflicten in Rwanda. De titel van haar proefschrift is ‘Sharing Scarcity: Land Access and Social Relations in Southeast Rwanda.’ Klik om het video interview met Margot te zien op de onderstaande link  ‘Continue reading’,

    Bron tekst en video: http://www.ascleiden.nl/news., Bron foto (source photo): http://nos.nl/video/236252-landverdeling-rwanda.

    Continue reading →

  • Vrijwilligers gezocht voor de Afrikadag 2015: een initiatief van Foundation Max van der Stoel

    FOTO'S_Afrikadag2014_007Op zaterdag 7 november vindt de jaarlijkse Afrikadag plaats. Met zo’n 1500 bezoekers, sprekers en vrijwilligers is dit het grootste publieksevenement over Afrika en internationale samenwerking in Nederland. Dit jaar zijn de spotlights gericht op de nieuwe spelers op het Afrikaanse continent, waaronder China en andere Aziatische landen. Ook zal er aandacht uitgaan naar het thema ‘Financing for Development’. Deze onderwerpen worden geadresseerd tijdens uitdagende politieke debatten, boeiende speeches en allerhande workshops. Ook is er een uitgebreid cultureel dagprogramma, dat in de avond wordt gevolgd door de swingende afterparty ‘Africa at Night’. Kortom, een diverse dag waarop van alles te doen en te beleven is! Continue reading →

  • In Memoriam Stephen Ellis

    Stephen_EllisOn the 29th of July Stephen Ellis, an NVAS member and highly esteemed scholar, sadly passed away. Ineke van Kessel, who is also an NVAS member, shared her personal memories. 

    “I first met Stephen Ellis in 1990 in Johannesburg. I had just embarked on my research for my Ph D on the United Democratic Front and the turbulent decade of the anti-apartheid struggle in the 1980s; he was about to become the director of the African Studies Centre in Leiden, and thus my boss. To my pleasant surprise, we immediately plunged in a lively discussion of my preliminary research findings and shared some gossip. My interlocutor was obviously very knowledgeable and well-connected, but utterly unpretentious. After my fairly brutal initiation into the claustrophobic world of academia, which I had entered in 1988 after a career in journalism, I had come to expect a huge social distance between an accomplished academic, about to become director of a research institute, and a junior researcher. Stephen Ellis however did not seem enthralled by hierarchies of power, position and patronage; he was genuinely interested in the contents of my research. With huge relief, I concluded that, after all, it must be possible: exchanging views and information on the basis of a shared passionate interest in Africa, regardless of rigid academic hierarchies. Continue reading →

  • Musée Branly in Paris and the connectivity of water – a blog by Louise Müller

    The aim of this ‘deep water’ blog is to share my ideas about the design of the Musée du Quai Branly (MQB) and its collection of non-western cultural and artistic objects. I visited this museum, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in the first week of June of this year (2015). The MQB, which opened its doors in June 2006, is designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, who aimed to adapt the museum building to its environment. The building is surrounded by a garden created by the landscape architect Gilles Clément, which functions as a backdrop of the museum’s World Collection. The MQB is dedicated to the arts and cultures of Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Americas. For Nouvel, the MQB building, which also gives home to a hanging garden (designed by Patrick Blanc) and a ceiling with Aboriginal art, are like the lines of a poem. The World Collection, which makes up the content of the museum, is akin to poetic ideas and sentences. Continue reading →

  • Birgit Meyer winnares spinozapremie 2015


    Antropoloog Birgit Meyer is één van de winnaars van de Spinozaprijs van dit jaar. Ze verricht innovatief onderzoek naar religie in Ghana en is voorstander van een materiële benadering van religie. ‘Religie is vaak veel concreter dan we denken.’

    door Marloes van Amerom

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  • Libération blogt over onderzoek Jan Jansen naar Mali-rijk

    Naar aanleiding van zijn artikel ‘In Defense of Mali’s Gold’ werd Jan Jansen geïnterviewd voor het AFRICA4 blog van het Franse dagblad Libération. Zijn bevindingen over de politieke en militaire geschiedenis van de bovenloop van de rivier de Niger, in het huidige zuidwest Mali/noordoost Guinée, zijn niet erg welkom bij historici aldaar.

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  • Iva Peša verdedigt proefschrift

    iva_verkleindOp 23 september verdedigde Iva Peša haar proefschrift “Moving along the roadside: A social history of Mwinilunga District, 1870s-1970s”, aan de Universteit van leiden.

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