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Welkom bij de NVAS

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Afrikastudies (NVAS) is een nationaal netwerk van en voor Afrika-deskundigen en liefhebbers in Nederland. De NVAS wil de publieke belangstelling voor Afrika-onderzoek in Nederland bevorderen en actuele informatie aanbieden. 

Onderhoud aan NVAS website

De NVAS website ondergaat de komende tijd het nodige onderhoud. Het kan daarom gebeuren dat de website, of sommige links en pagina’s op de website, (tijdelijk) niet meer bereikbaar zijn. Wij rekenen op uw begrip.

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International Conference: Education for Life in Africa – May 19-20, 2017

Education is thPosterEfL2017e most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Conference Programme 19-20 May 2017 (preliminary) (PDF)

Information about fees & register for the conference here!

For more information please mail to educationforlifeafrica@FSW.leidenuniv.nl

Dates: 19 &  20 May 2017 [when NVAS celebrates its 20th anniversary]
Venue: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague (5 minutes walking from train station Den Haag HS)
Organizing committee: Anneke Breedveld (NVAS), Jos Walenkamp (HHS), Jan Jansen (NVAS), Beer Schröder (NUFFIC)
Language: English (French and Dutch on demand)
Outcomes: 1. Reviewed book with selected contributions on the theme of the conference; 2. Communiqué on the conference for policy makers, practitioners and consumers of education in Africa.
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Programme Education for life in Africa available!

After long deliberation, the programme for 19 and 20 May is finally out. Look at the  programme here. The programme is provisional but we only expect minor changes.

Thanks to Dutch and international interest, the programme is promising to be very interesting. Do not forget to register for the conference at this NVAS website post here where you will find the registration form and information abount payments. Your registration is valid after payment as indicated.

Please, also distribute the programme among people that you know of that might be interested. Register quick, there is a maximum of 120 participants.

Provisional programme 19-20 May 2017

Register for the conference here.

Preliminary programme Friday 19 May 2017





Registration + Tea and coffee



Welcome:  Susana Menéndez (HHS/THUAS)

Introduction to the conference theme: Jos Walenkamp


Plenary keynote: The challenges of achieving quality in engineering education in Africa 

Goolam Mohamedbhai Chair: Beer Schröder


Morning tea + Information market


Panel: Gender and education in East Africa

Chair: Linda Johnson

Panel: Higher education and enrolment issues

Chair: Beer Schröder


Gendering learning: Reflections from teaching, research and practice

Wendy Harcourt

Towards an African space for higher education: from Utopia to reality

George Haddad


What is a gender lens: a skit

Mdubusi Zingelwayo

Massification of higher education in Africa

Akiiki Babyesiza


Drivers for gendered exclusion in education in East Africa

Auma Okwany

Participatory assessment of the development of the Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique

Nilza César


Being a girl and in Uganda and Kenya: educational outcomes

Elizabeth Ngutuku

What do enrolment data say about education, using Bourdieu’s approach?

Bert van Pinxteren


Lunch + Information market


Panel: Indigenous and informal education

Chair: Felix Ameka

Panel: Education and sustainable city movements in Africa

Chair: Ton Dietz


Culture of work, training for and production of clan-bond goods and services in Southwestern Nigeria: The non-formal and informal learning approaches

Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi

How to integrate sustainable city goals in teaching in Africa and about Africa?

Ton Dietz


“Our yesterday our legacy”: Rethinking indigenous adult and community learning for quality education in contemporary African society

Akande, Joshua Olusola

“Each One Teach One”: Collaborative learning, an anthropological approach

Madi Ditmars


Conceptualization of education in Ngemba (Cameroon)

Solange Mekamgoum

Between bare necessity and transformative power: The value of informal schools in Kibera, Kenya

Inge Mackenbrock


Tea break + Information market


Forum: Matchmaking between African and European Education

(DAAD, NORAD, VLIR-UOS, Nuffic) Chair: Theo Hooghiemstra, Director Nuffic




Preliminary programme Saturday 20 May 2017





Late registration + Information market +Tea and coffee


Panel: Actors and engagement in educational contexts

Chair: Jan Jansen

Panel: Education and employability

Chair: Jos Walenkamp


“Education for life” or “Education today”?

Sara Kinsbergen & Lau Schulpen

The role of higher technical education on the employability of graduates in Ghana

Edmund Ameko


A maternity clinic in Mali: a zone of awkward engagement

Lianne Holten

Vocational training and employment opportunities for West African


Mariama Mary Fall


Catering and credit: Investment practices on the countryside of Mali

Jan Jansen

“Trained for which job exactly?” Assessing the impact of access to informal ICT education on employment opportunities for marginalized youth in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jalmar Pfeifer


Lunch + Information market

12:30-13:00 General meeting (ALV) NVAS


Plenary keynote: Language of instruction in Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone Africa: an overview

Ingse Skattum Chair: Anneke Breedveld


Tea break + Information market


Panel: Literacy

Chair: Maarten Mous

Panel: Policies, teacher training and teacher quality

Chair: Azeb Amha


Literacy teaching in Northern Nigeria: policies, practice and resources

Mary Anderson

A quality teacher for all; Best practices for supporting teachers in Mali through innovative tools

Céline Herbiet


Language-independent literacies for inclusive education in multilingual areas

Friederike Lüpke

Teachers are like thieves’: state making and the unintended consequences of free primary education in Hargeisa, Somaliland

Tobias Gandrup


Literacy and development in Senegal

Ekaterina Golovko

Teacher education and early grade reading instruction in mother tongue languages in Ethiopia: the case of colleges of teachers’ education

Moges Yigezu


Innovations in islamic education in The Gambia: Reconciling religious aspirations and the requirements of a contemporary state

Tal Tamari

Inconsistent language policies in Ghana and their implications for quality education in Ghana

Samuel A. Atintono & Avea E. Nsoh



Closing conference




Highlights from the NVAS Africa day ‘Sport in Africa’ 15 October 2016

This year NVAS held its Africa day in partnership with the School of Governance at Utrecht University (research area Sport & Society). The organisers were NVAS members Kirsten Langeveld, David Drengk and Froukje Krijtenburg with Frank van Eekeren of the UU School of Governance. In the audience were several professional athletes from Africa, other interested individuals from Africa, students interested in Africa from up North (Groningen), Africanists from various parts of the Netherlands, and many others with a passion for Africa. Continue reading

Sport op Afrikaanse Postzegels

 Op het Afrika-Studiecentrum in Leiden is ter gelegenheid van de Sport in Afrikadag op 15 oktober 2016 een kleine tentoonstelling te zien van ‘Sport op postzegels van Afrika’. De tentoonstelling is samengesteld uit de persoonlijke collectie van Ton Dietz, directeur van het Afrika-Studiecentrum.

Daarnaast geeft Ton Dietz speciaal voor deze Afrikadag een interessant en onderhoudend historisch overzichtje van Afrikaanse sportpostzegels geïllustreerd met bijzondere voorbeelden. Lees het hier.

Mozambique 1982 World Cup in Spain 1.5mt



Registration NVAS Sport in Africa day now open!

Africa DayNVAS AFRICA DAY 2016 – Sport in Africa

When: NVAS Africa Day 15 October 2016, 10.00am – 6.00pm

Where: Utrecht University School of Governance, Bijlhouwerstraat 6, Utrecht

PROGRAMME download the programme here.

Registration: To register please send an e-mail with a filled-out registration form (inschrijvingsformulier) to winden@ascleiden.nl (please click on the underlined link). The registration fees are €15 for students, NVAS members and ABv members, €25 for non-members. Fees are payable before October 10th (extended registration date). Registration includes a varied and interactive programme, lunch, lively discussions, drinks and snacks.

Travel directions: click here

About the Sport in Africa day Sport is used increasingly as an instrument for positive social change in Africa. But what exactly is it that sports (can) do and to what degree, and how can they effect change? Are some sports more likely to be effective means for socio-economic advancement? And if so, why is that? These and other questions will be addressed during the 2016 NVAS Africa Day. Organisers are Frank van Eekeren (Utrecht University School of Governance, research focus area Sport & Society); Kirsten Langeveld (NVAS), David Drengk (NVAS) and Froukje Krijtenburg (NVAS)